Mission & vision


The vision and mission of our company is to provide EXCELLENT SERVICES to all clients in all possible foreign languages.

This is made possible by the experiences and abilities of Mr. Kwadzo Ameko, combined with the academic and professional excellence of Mr. Edward Meteku. In addition, we endeavour to constantly recruit excellent staff and partners, whereby ABILITY AND EXCELLENCE are paramount. Thus, the agency also provides all staff possessing inherent excellent translation skills the chance to unfold, display and develop their talents and abilities. 


Being amongst the best in our field in the world.

Another mission of the company is to provide job opportunities for graduates of the local SCHOOL OF TRANSLATORS (SOT) of the Ghana Institute of Languages and other universities in Ghana, who over the years do not find any employment and professional development directly related to their training, thus often leading to many of them quitting for other professions. To this effect, our company mentors SOT students and students of other language institutions in Ghana in practical attachment (internship) programmes.